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08 June 2006 @ 01:30 pm
Update 009  
- 150_comms ↔ Mostly maintenance now. I find a few comms I missed or have just been created every now and then, but mostly I wait for the okays or mods asking me to archive. Have had to take down a couple already.
- not_unwounded ↔ Someone's applied for Trowa. I'm not sure I want her, but she seems nice enough.
- before_gundamStalker Noin challenge up. ederyn found it and gave it a bit more advertising on gundam_herald.
- 25_crimes ↔ Started and open! Advertised it on quite a few L&O/Conviction lj comms. Have gotten quite a few claims already (no friendships or threesomes yet). And I'm just waiting for someone to ask me how a character can be a crossover.
- johnjmccoy ↔ Made it today. I'll advertise it later...when I feel like it really.

I'm thinking of making a newsletter for L&O (plus Conviction) like gundam_herald, hogwarts_today, ff_press, et al.
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